150 Years of Greytown Trustlands

Originally a single trust dealt with the affairs of both Greytown and Masterton lands.  In 1871 an Act of Parliament legally separated the settlements with each being given its own Board of Trustees.  Following this, the Wellington Provincial Council passed the Greytown Trust Act This Act provided for the election of six trustees by the people of Greytown to control the Greytown Trust Lands.

The Masterton and Greytown Lands Management Act 1871 (14 November 1871).

The Act states that “On some day in the month of April next after the passing of this Act and at a place and time to be fixed by the Greytown Trustees a meeting shall be held of the persons of full age not being married women residing or having land either leasehold or freehold within the Town of Greytown and the suburban sections of the Township of Greytown as delineated on the official plan of such town and township.”

The first meeting of the Greytown trustees in terms of the 1871 Act took place on 19 April 1872 when Messrs Mole, Arnot, Lucas, Smith, Walker and Wakelin were appointed the six trustees for the ensuing year.

History of the Greytown District Trust Lands Part I by BH Jack Bull
History of the Greytown District Trust Lands Part II by June Prince
Part III is currently being written and still in draft stage

The current six Trustees are Phil Holden (Chair), Derek Williams (Deputy Chair), Wayne Regnault, Matt Bell, Andy Holmes and Steve Meyrick.