Last week amidst all the Covid19 email updates we received a lovely message from Patrice the Principal of Greytown Primary School.  The attached mp4 is a must see.  Thanks for taking the time Patrice.

“Hi Greytown Trustlands Trust team

I hope that you are all doing well in your “bubbles” at level 4.  I just wanted to say another thank you for supporting our school.  Because of the generous support of the trust over a number of years we have been able to provide a large number of our students access to devices at home during COVID-19.  This means that our children and their families are able to keep learning, to record their learning in different ways and to stay connected with others.

We just wanted to reinforce to you all that what you do does make a difference to our school and our community.  Keep up the great work!”

 Learning Week 1 Term 2 2020.mp4

Patrice O’Connor
Principal, Greytown School