Background to the Greytown District Trust Lands Trust

We are a non-profit organisation governed by an Act of Parliament.

The Trust has its origins in the Small Farms Settlement Association, set up in 1853 to provide land either by sale or lease to new residents to build houses.

The activity of the Trust has changed over the years and it now owns and manages property (generally) on a commercial basis, with all profits being made available to the community.

While most properties are situated in Greytown the Trust owns property in other Wairarapa towns, Napier and Wanganui.

Important Historical Dates:-

  • 1853 – Set up of Small Farms Settlement Association
  • 1871 – Greytown Trust Act 1871 enacted

Board of Trustees established

The purpose of the Trust determined as maintaining educational
establishments and a library in connection therewith, and for public utilities

  • 1979 – Greytown Trust Lands Act 1979 enacted

The purposes of the Trust expanded to include promotion of education generally

  • 1993 – Greytown  District Trust Lands Amendment Act 1993 enacted

The purposes of the Trust further expanded to include promoting “general
well-being of the public” in the district.