Community Grants awarded for March 2016 Funding Round

Community Grants for the March 2016 funding round were awarded to the following:

Vicky Nelson
Jonty Morison
Katie Samantha Rex
Greytown Toy Library
Greytown Early Years Incorporated
Parkinsonism Society Wairarapa Division Inc
Order of St Johns – Greytown

The next funding round will be held in September 2016.  The closing date for applications will be the 31st August 2016.

Note:  Trustees are able to consider applications on a monthly basis for any urgent grants relating to an activity / project that cannot wait until the September funding round.  Please note that there is only a limited budget available for these each month.  It is at the Trustees discretion to determine whether an application is deemed to be urgent. Trustee Board meetings are held the third Thursday of every month.  Applications should be submitted by the first Thursday of the month.

Contact Helga Perry on 304 9071 or email should you require any assistance relating to grants.