Community grant awards

The day after the Annual General Meeting the Board of Trustees met to consider 20 applications from a variety of community organisations and individuals seeking combined grants of $86,481, which meant the available funding of just $17,300 was massively oversubscribed.  This is a reflection of the increasingly tough philanthropic environment in which the Trust is having to operate.

With so many competing demands for the available grant funding, difficult decisions were required on the part of Trustees and it was inevitable that some applicants would either receive less than they requested or miss out altogether.

Grants were awarded to:                                                                   $


Alex Clark                                                                                                    300
Arbor House Trust                                                                                  3,500
Carterton Community Food Collaborative Inc                                      400
Ella Gray                                                                                                       300
Freya Cook                                                                                                   200
Greytown Community Board (for two projects)                                 1,600
Greytown Early Years Inc (for one project, another was declined) 4,000
Greytown Little Theatre Inc                                                                   1,000
Greytown Music Group                                                                             400
Hamish Kill                                                                                                   300
Jarrod Yee                                                                                                     300
New Zealand Festival Trust                                                                    1,500
Wairarapa Kokomai Arts Festival Trust                                                2,500
Wairarapa Balloon Festival Inc                                                               1,000

Those who missed out were:
Greytown Rugby Football Club
Greytown Tree Advisory Group
Hospice Wairarapa Community Trust
St Lukes Church, Greytown