Analysis and Summary Report from recent survey held

Community Lands changes:
The Trust conducted a survey between Thursday 11 August and Sunday 28 August in relation to proposals concerning the Greytown ‘Community Lands” owned by the Trust.  The Analysis and Summary report prepared by BRG Limited based on all the submissions received has now been received and available to the public.

Trustees wish to thank everyone who took the time to provide their valuable feedback.

With community feedback in mind the new Trust Board will vote on the proposals at a Board meeting as soon as practical after the elections in October.

The Executive Summary from the report is below with the full PDF report available Here.

Executive Summary (from Analysis and Summary of Greytown Trust Lands Trust Survey)

BRG Limited was tasked by Greytown Trust Lands Trust (GTLT) to carry out a survey to gauge community reaction to proposals concerning the ‘Community Lands’ in Greytown.  The Trust properties considered were those being used by the Rugby Club, the Bowling Club and Cobblestones Museum. Community views were also sought on Trust land occupied by Plunket. 

The survey was conducted between Thursday 11 August to Sunday 28 August 2022. Responses were gathered using the online survey tool ‘SurveyMonkey’ as well as written submissions deposited at the Greytown Library and the Trust office.  The survey was promoted to the Greytown community by local radio and print advertising. Information about the survey was provided on the Trust website and its Neighbourly page. A flyer was also distributed to all Greytown households.

Greytown Residents

Some 435 responses were received in total, representing around 15% of the town’s population (June 2018 census). The sample size gives a confidence level of 95% probability that it accurately reflects the views of the wider Greytown population.

The age of respondents was slightly skewed to older age groups (not all respondents answered the question), and men and women were equally represented.

Key results

  • Rugby Club – 394 responses
    84.5% (333) support for the Trust’s proposals, 15.5% (61) opposed
  • Bowling Club – 375 responses
    80% (300) support for the Trust’s proposals, 20% (75) opposed.
  • Cobblestones Museum – 380 responses
    88% (333) support for the Trust’s proposals and 12% (47) opposed.

The survey asked a different question in relation to the land occupied by Plunket: respondents were asked to choose ‘yes’ to comment. Of the 373 who responded 144 (44%) said yes to providing a comment. About 70% of those comments were supportive of Plunket’s service and location in Greytown.

Non-Greytown Residents

There was a total of 172 responses from people from Carterton, Featherston, Masterton and elsewhere.

There was 86% support for the Rugby Club proposal. About 14% opposed the changes. More than 85% supported the Bowling Club proposal; none recorded opposed. More than 90% supported the Cobblestones Museum proposal; 9% were opposed. 

About fifty percent of the respondents provided a comment on the Plunket land and most of the feedback was supportive of the service.


Background Information relating to the proposals:
Click here for the two-page leaflet
Click here for a one pager with answers to some additional questions that have come in from Greytown residents.
For further information, the Community Lands Briefing Pack presented to Trustees in July is available Here