We have two employees who provide information and advice and assist us with the day to day management of the Trust’s business activities.  They are:

(photo) Kevin Murphy – employed since June 2015 Kevin is the Trust’s General Manager.  His main role is to assist us with our decision-making and then to give effect to the decisions we’ve made.  He also oversees the management of the Trust’s day to day activities.  His entire career has been in public service, with a background in accounting, strategic planning and project management.

(photo) Helga Perry –  employed since ?? Helga is the Trust’s Administrator and the first person most outsiders have contact with.  She has responsibility for keeping the Trust’s operation running as smoothly and efficiently as possible and has a background in…..

Kevin and Helga are ably supported by service providers contracted to the Trust, principal among them being:

(photo) Daniel Murphy (no relation) of Rightway Ltd, who supply accounting services and advice.

(photo) Garry Dowse of Blackmores Ltd, who supply valuation and other property related services and advice.

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