The Olive Press

Arbor Place, Greytown

Bidwills Cutting Industrial Park, Greytown

The Trust’s newest building completed in April 2015 purposely built for The Olive Press, formerly of Masterton.

The Olive Press has been pressing olives since 2001 using a large centrifugal olive press imported from Florence, Italy.

Bruce McCallum, Managing Director says that they are excited about their new purpose built premises and the opportunities it will present them.

“The new premises will allow us to further develop our processing, bottling and oil storage capabilities and our new factory shop, The Olive Market will allow us to tap into the local and tourist markets. It will also provide an outlet through which our processing customers can expand their businesses”.

Retail Shop now open too.

“Our new ‘factory shop’ is now open for business.  Named “The Olive Market @ The Olive Press”, the shop provides a specialist retail outlet for our shareholders and pressing clients. It has long been the dream of TOP MD Bruce McCallum and on Friday 9 October 2015 it became a reality.”

All olive oil for sale at The Olive Market has been pressed on the premises.

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The Olive Press Greytown