The Board of Trustees received 12 applications, seeking funding of approximately $56,500 in total, from a wide range of organisations.  With just $12,250 available to award Trustees were faced with an extremely difficult decision, inevitably leading to disappointment for many.

After very careful consideration, and mindful of the crucial role it plays in safeguarding the public at large, Trustees unanimously agreed to award the whole allocation to one recipient – the Greytown Volunteer Fire Brigade – as a contribution towards the purchase of a new operational support vehicle costing $53,000 to replace its current ageing model.

Many in the community probably do not know the Brigade is a registered charitable trust that, aside from relying heavily on volunteers who give freely of their time 24/7 to enable the service to continue, has to raise its own funds to meet some of its basic equipment needs.  This grant goes some small way towards acknowledging the Brigade’s sterling efforts on the Greytown community’s behalf.