Greytown Trust Lands Trust has awarded $81,600 towards key education projects in Greytown as part of its new Education Funding Strategy.

The new strategy was adopted in August last year and took effect from the start of this financial year. It is centred on the provision of funding that is equitable, transparent, and focused on the areas of need that are relevant to Greytown’s situation, now and in the immediate future.

Education grant applications were received in September and trustees met in October to decide the allocation of these annual funds. As part of the new strategy, trustees had identified a set of priorities that provided a framework for deciding which projects received funding support. These included: enhancing community connection and collaboration; supporting community of learning initiatives; promoting new learning approaches; enhancing transitions and pathways; promoting innovation and entrepreneurship; and enhancing understanding of identity, culture and language.

With this in mind, the strategy has made a provision for not-for-profit early years learning for the first time. A contestable fund of $15,600 has been made available to Greytown Kindergarten and Greytown Early Years.

In this round, Greytown Kindergarten was awarded $7,417.50 for an interactive screen, while Greytown Early Years received the balance of $8,182.50, $7,002 for professional development, and $736 going towards its Transition to School and $444.50 for its Explorers programmes.

“The Trust’s vision is a well-educated community that is able to successfully participate in the economy and contribute to the well-being of its residents. Trustees acknowledge the vital role that education plays in creating strong, resilient communities and commend the commitment and work our local education providers do to make this happen,” said Greytown Trust Lands Trust Chair Sid Kempton.

“Until now, Kuranui College and Greytown School received a pre-determined bulk amount without it being explicitly aligned to any set of priorities. The new strategy provides for improved strategic alignment, one that includes an evaluation process so trustees can gauge the impact the funding is having on education being delivered within and to the community.”

This year, Kuranui College received $33,600 for resources to support innovative technology in the classroom, as well as activity workshops and resources that enhance the understanding of language, and identify and promote culture. Greytown School was awarded $32,400 for the implementation of digital technology, playground markings and games focused on play based learning.

As part of the new strategy, collaboration between education providers is strongly encouraged, and this year funding went to a joint initiative between the two schools to provide robotics and coding equipment.