“Tenant Profile”

The Trust owns eight commercial buildings – seven of which are right here in Greytown.  Our largest property in both rental income and size is located in Whanganui.

This month’s tenant profile is on Garry Smith and his team at Bodyworks Panel & Paint Wairarapa Ltd at 2 Arbor Place right across from Kuranui College at the South end of town.

The building was purpose built by the Trust in 2013 for a former Greytown panel beater.  Bodyworks took over the lease in November 2014.  This building was the first in the Arbor Place industrial park development with City Care built around the same time and The Olive Press built shortly after in early 2015.

Bodyworks Panel & Paint is currently in its 31st year of operation, starting in Petone and working there for the first 25 years and now operating out of premises in Greytown.

Bodyworks has a wealth of knowledge with regards to putting your car right and getting it back to manufacturers specifications.  With the way vehicles are developing these days staff really do need specialist training to keep up with modern technology.  Bodyworks is a preferred repairer for IAG Group and also AA insurance.

To be a preferred repairer for insurance companies in todays market you do need to pass an audit system and have knowledge of the latest trends and developments within our industry, you can be assured that your vehicle will be repaired to a very high standard.

Garry and his team will look after all your needs.  They have courtesy vehicles available too.

Leasing their premises from Greytown Trust Lands Trust was just another way of projecting their business to the public, nice new premises with all the expected modern facilities – an added bonus for Bodyworks and there staff.

Over 70% of their work is collision repairs so with 30 years of experience of repairing smashed vehicles you can trust them to sort out your car.

Contact the team on 06 304 9898 or check out their website https://www.bodyworksgreytown.co.nz

A recently repainted helicopter ready for delivery – something the team also specialise in.


Audit and Risk Committee Meeting – Tuesday 16 May, 9am 

Board Meeting – Friday 26 May, 8am

Meetings are held in the Trust’s Boardroom, 124 Main Street, Greytown.   Members of the public are welcome to attend for the agenda items that are not public excluded.  Please advise the Trust Manager, Helga Perry via admin@greytowntrustlands.org.nz if you would like to attend a meeting.




Dec 2022:  Education Funding – December 2022 – Trustees at their November board meeting considered grant applications for funding initiatives from the four local education providers.   The education funding pool available this financial year is $61,200.  Read more ….


Nov 2022:  Celebrating 150 Years of the Trust – Cobblestones Museum was the venue for the recent celebration commemorating 150 years of the Greytown Trust Lands Trust.   The evening – held on 24 November 2022 – was attended by almost 100 guests including past Trustees and employees of the Trust, tenants, local councillors, and various members of community groups. Read more ….


Oct 2022:  New Trust Board – The new Trust Board met officially for the first time on 26th of October. The first task for the Board was the election of officers with Phil Holden and Derek Williams duly elected Chair and Deputy Chair.  Read more…


Sept 2022: Annual General Meeting – The Trust held its annual general meeting in the WBS Room of the Greytown Town Centre on Tuesday 27 September 2022, 7.00pm.   Copies of the audited Performance Report for the year ended 31 March 2022 are available from our offices at 124 Main Street, Greytown or you can Download a copy here  


Sept 2022: Community Lands Changes – Analysis and Summary Report from recent survey held

The Trust conducted a survey between Thursday 11 August and Sunday 28 August in relation to proposals concerning the Greytown ‘Community Lands” owned by the Trust.  The Analysis and Summary report prepared by BRG Limited based on all the submissions received has now been received and available to the public.  Read more.

A bit of history – celebrating 150 years of the Trust150 Years of Greytown Trustlands

Did you know that originally a single trust dealt with the affairs of both Greytown and Masterton lands?  In 1871 an Act of Parliament legally separated the settlements with each being given its own Board of Trustees.  Following this, the Wellington Provincial Council passed the Greytown Trust Act.  This Act provided for the election of six trustees by the people of Greytown to control the Greytown Trust Lands.

The Masterton and Greytown Lands Management Act 1871 (14 November 1871).

The Act states that “On some day in the month of April next after the passing of this Act and at a place and time to be fixed by the Greytown Trustees a meeting shall be held of the persons of full age not being married women residing or having land either leasehold or freehold within the Town of Greytown and the suburban sections of the Township of Greytown as delineated on the official plan of such town and township.”

The first meeting of the Greytown trustees in terms of the 1871 Act took place on 19 April 1872 when Messrs Mole, Arnot, Lucas, Smith, Walker and Wakelin were appointed the six trustees for the ensuing year.

History of the Greytown District Trust Lands Part I by BH Jack Bull
History of the Greytown District Trust Lands Part II by June Prince
Part III is currently being written and still in draft stage 

Supporting Greytown Sport and Leisure 

Greytown Trust Lands has been proud to support Greytown Sport and Leisure for a number of years. With over 1200 active members, the Greytown Community Sport and Leisure Society was incorporated in 2003 and has 16 member organisations. Click here to view their Facebook page or contact Rosie via email  greytownsport@xtra.co.nz.



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