Our Mission

As exemplified by our tag line “Growing the community since 1871” the reason we exist, and our constant mission, is to use the profits we generate from our commercial business activities to contribute in various ways to making our community as strong, cohesive, vibrant and progressive as it can possibly be.

In short we strive to make a difference in our community.



Our Beneficiaries

It follows that our beneficiaries are the people of Greytown.  The profits we make, what we like to call the community dividend, are distributed to them in two ways.

We give grants to individuals to help ensure they do not miss out through financial hardship on education opportunities that would benefit them, to help them in their endeavours to better themselves and find employment, to recognise their achievements and ultimately to help them develop into good citizens and, if they choose to remain in Greytown, active members of the community.

We also help fund organisations that contribute to the health, social and cultural well-being of our community by helping those in need of care and support, promoting participation in sports and leisure activities, providing exposure to art, culture and heritage through provision of facilities and organised events, and improving the built and natural environment for residents.



Our History

We are unique in New Zealand in being one of only two trusts, the other also being located in the Wairarapa just 23kms up the road in Masterton (http://www.mtlt.org.nz/), that are privileged to be in a position backed by legislation to help our communities in this way.  And we’ve been doing it for almost 150 years.

Our Trustee predecessors were instrumental in the building of the town’s important public facilities, the development of its open spaces and the provision of education to its community.  So we like to think, in fact we know, we have helped make Greytown what it is today – a highly desirable place in which to live, work and play.

Don’t just take our word for it though.  Read up on the history of the Trust over the years (History of the Greytown District Trust Lands Part I by BH Jack Bull and History of the Greytown District Trust Lands Part II by June Prince) and then check out the following websites to appreciate what Greytown is like today:

Greytown Village