Our Legal Status
We are a statutory Trust and a registered charity, based in Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand.

The purposes of the Trust are set out in our very own piece of Government legislation, the Greytown District Trust Lands Act 1979 (as amended) which, along with its predecessors dating back to 1871, has governed and influenced everything we do.

As a registered charity, because all the profits we make are put to charitable use, we benefit from not having to pay income tax on our earnings.





Our Governing Body

The Board consists of six individuals selected as Trustees by local residents.  The process of selection takes place every three years by means of a poll of registered voters in the Greytown District electorate, held concurrently with local government elections.  While Trustees are all elected for a term of six years, the commencement dates of our terms are staggered so that at each election only three positions on the Board at a time become vacant.  This helps ensure there is a degree of continuity of governance from one election to the next.

The Chair and Deputy Chair are appointed from among and by the Trustees.  They put themselves forward for re-appointment every 12 months.  Following the October 2022 local body elections, the Trustees on the Board are: 

Phil Holden, Chair – elected Oct 2019.  Phil is an experienced business professional with Chief Executive leadership experience over 20 years with organisations including Coffee Connection, The Lion Foundation, New Zealand Rugby League, Greyhound Racing New Zealand, Breadcraft and Harness Racing New Zealand. Phil is currently providing Executive support to the New Zealand Shearing Contractors Association as their Executive Officer, and the Tractor and Machinery Association as General Manager.

A member of the Institute of Directors, Phil’s governance and senior executive roles have been underpinned by his passion for values-based leadership. Phil is also Chair of Cycling New Zealand, an Independent Director of Harness Racing New Zealand, and Chair and Trustee of Greytown Trust Lands Trust. He runs his own consultancy and executive contracting business with a strong interest in strategy, culture and values, and leadership.

Phil’s spare time is centered around family, juggling the needs of his daughters, and getting out on his bike

Derek Williams, Deputy Chair – elected October 2022.  Derek lives in Greytown and is semi-retired. He was born and raised in Canterbury.

Early in his career He held general management positions in the Public Sector and in the office of the State Services Commission before joining Ernst & Young, a major accounting and management consulting firm, where he became a partner.  He subsequently formed a management consulting company with local and international clients focussed on strategy and performance improvement in the commercial sector.

Before moving to Greytown Derek spent much of his leisure time in the Wairarapa, tramping, fishing and generally enjoying the country life centred on Greytown.

He is currently working with several businesses in the Wairarapa in advisory roles.

Wayne Regnault – elected October 2013.  Wayne is Greytown born and bred and follows in the footsteps of his father, Doug, who retired as a Trustee in 2001.  Wayne has a background in building construction and project management.  Wayne was re-elected on to the Board in October 2019.

Wayne held the position of Deputy Chairperson from October 2017 until September 2020 when he elected not to stand again for the position. 


Matt Bell – elected in 2019, Matt has lived in the Wairarapa for 20 years of which 15 years have been in Greytown.
Matt has qualifications and experience in Town Planning and Property Management; and has had a 28 year career in property management and development in nationwide companies, and currently works for PGG Wrightson in their Corporate Property team as a national Property Manager based out of their Masterton regional office.





Steve Meyrick – elected October 2022.  Steve is a 56 year old orchardist who has lived in and breathed Greytown his entire life.  He has volunteered with the Greytown Volunteer Fire Brigade for 31 years and is currently the Chief Fire Officer

His family owned orchard – which he has managed for 25 years – has flourished under his management compared to the many that once thrived in our district and have now disappeared.

Steve is a very passionate Greytown resident and is always looking out for his community.




Andy Holmes – elected October 2022.  Andy was born and bred in Greytown and has a long involvement with the community including running the 67 year old family business, Holmes Construction Group.  Andy is passionate about the well-being of the town and its’ residents. He has been a long-term volunteer and is actively engaged in recreational and sporting groups in Greytown, which gives him a strong understanding of the views of the community .

Andy has recently retired from the construction business and now has the time, energy and desire to put into the Greytown Trust Lands Trust and is looking forward to what lies ahead.  Andy’s spare time is centered around his family .



Trust Manager – Helga Perry
Helga started with the Trust in July 2013 as the Trust’s Administrator working part time.

In July 2021 Helga took on the role of Trust Manager and has the responsibility for keeping the Trust’s operation running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.



Helga is supported by service providers contracted to the Trust, among them being:

Callum Mitchell of Rightway Ltd, who supply accounting services and advice.



Jake Olsen of Craigs Investment Partners.
Jake is based in Auckland and looks after the Trust’s managed funds portfolio.


Gwendoline Gallaghan of Colliers who supply valuation and property related services and advice for the Trust’s Greytown properties.