Back in August 2022 the Trust carried out a community survey in relation to proposed changes to the lease arrangements over the four community land areas owned and administered by the Trust on behalf of the Greytown community.  The feedback and support received was hugely in favour of retaining the land for community purposes and providing security for the tenants on the land.   Below is a brief update on where we are at to date.

175-177 Main Street – Cobblestones Museum –  as reported on in the November Grapevine, the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Trust and the co-chairs of the Cobblestones Museum Trust signed a 99 year lease for $1 per annum over the land owned by Greytown Trust Lands that is used for Cobblestones as part of the museum and gardens.  The previous long standing lease arrangement saw the Museum being charged a market rental for the land with the Trust awarding a grant back to cover the rental – this grant was never guaranteed.  This new lease arrangement allows the Museum the security and the comfort in knowing they will never have to pay more than $1 a year.

123 East Street – Greytown Rugby Club – for the past year representatives from the Trust, the Greytown Rugby Club and South Wairarapa District Council (the Council) have been working together on the best arrangement for this site to allow for wider community usage of the playing fields.   The group has made good progress and look forward to updating the community in due course.   The proposed arrangements will be similar to the Cobblestones Museum arrangement and be for $1 per annum.

55-59 East Street – Greytown Bowling Club.   Following a change in direction, the original proposal to subdivide this site and offer the number 2 rink to the Council on a perpetual lease for other recreational or community purposes will no longer be considered.   Instead, we will continue discussions with the Club to allow them security over the number 1 rink and the land under their clubrooms at $1 per annum under a 99 year lease or similar.  Under a separate arrangement the number 2 rink will be made available to the Club to use for the foreseeable future until such time as a better community use for that area is confirmed.

10 McMaster Street – Plunket Rooms.  We are pleased to confirm we will continue to provide a 100% rent concession to Royal NZ Plunket Trust for the ground rental at 10 McMaster Street while Plunket clarifies their future needs for the space.

For further information on any of the above or to find out more about what we do, please contact the Trust Manager on 0274 517 011, email or visit our website