Education Grants


The 2020 Education grants round  

The 2020 round of annual education grants will open for application on 6 January 2020 and close on 28 February 2020.

Successful applicants from the March 2019 round are reminded they will be required to demonstrate they have given something back to the community before any fresh application they may wish to make will be considered.  They should email the Trust at if they are not clear on the purpose of this requirement or how to comply with it.

Questions & Answers

Am I eligible to apply for a Trust grant?

To be eligible you must:

·        at the time of your first education grant application, be resident within the Greytown District which covers the area bounded by the foothills of the Tararuas and the Tauherenikau, Waiohine and Ruamahanga rivers;

·        be enrolled in a course of study that is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) or Universities New Zealand, is at New Zealand Qualifications Framework level 4 or above and attracts a minimum of 60 credits a year.

There is no restriction on your age as long as you meet these criteria.

You will not though be eligible to receive a grant if you are starting the first year of a course of study that meets the above criteria as it is assumed by the Trust you will receive financial assistance from the Government under its fees-free policy.

How much is the annual grant and how often can I apply for it?

The annual grant per individual is $500.  This may change from year to year depending on the Trust’s forecast financial performance.  It may also change if the total available funding in any year is over-subscribed, in which case it will be reduced proportionately. The amount of annual grant remains the same whether the eligible course is full-time or part-time.

Provided you remain eligible, you can apply for up to a maximum of three annual grants.  You will need to submit a fresh application for each grant request.

Applications do not have to be over a consecutive three year period.  So if for example you start a course and then take a sabbatical year before returning to complete it or you have completed a course of less than three years duration and wish to progress to a second course, you can still receive up to a maximum of three annual grants.

When will I receive the grant and what can I use it for?

The Board of Trustees will consider eligible applications at its March Board meeting each year and approved grants will be paid by 31 March.

There are no restrictions on the use of grants and you are not required to account for how you spend any grant you receive.  However, you are required to demonstrate you have fulfilled other obligations (see “What other factors will influence whether or not I receive a grant?”.

If I am eligible, how and when do I apply?

You can complete and submit an application form online.  The link can be accessed on our website at by clicking on the education grants tab and then calling up the application form.  You will need to attach necessary supporting documents when submitting your application.

Alternatively you can download the application form, complete it manually, scan it and all necessary supporting documents, then email the information to

The opening of the funding round and the closing date for grant applications will be advertised in local press media as well as on the Trust’s website from the beginning of January onwards each year.  The deadline for receipt of applications will be the end of February each year.

What supporting documents do I need to supply?

You will need to include documentary evidence of your eligibility with your application.  An example of proof of residence would be the letter of confirmation of your course enrolment from the education institution concerned, mailed to you at a physical address within the Greytown District.  A document forwarded to an email address or PO Box number will not suffice for this purpose.

The same letter may also serve the purpose of confirming that your course of study meets the qualification standard and complies with the minimum number of credits requirement.  If not, you must provide some other form of documentary confirmation from your education provider that your course of study makes you eligible to receive grant.

If documentary evidence is not supplied with your application or is incomplete, or you do not satisfy the residence or course criteria, your application will not be considered.  You will be advised if this is the case and, only if time permits, may be given the opportunity to address any omissions.

What other factors will influence whether or not I receive a grant?

The Board of Trustees has recently determined that in addition to complying with the aforementioned eligibility requirements applicants will, from commencement of the 2018 academic year onwards, now be required to give something back to the Greytown community in return for the first two annual grants they receive.  The application form makes provision for you to explain how you propose to demonstrate you have done this.

“Community payback” could for example include (but not necessarily be restricted to):

·        helping to run a summer programme for local children;

·        assisting in the organisation and/or running of a local community event;

·        fund raising for a locally based community organisation;

·        giving a presentation to future Kuranui College leavers on your course or study experiences;

·        “buddying” with a Greytown resident school leaver about to commence study at the same educational institution to help him or her settle into their new surroundings.

Evidence that payback has been delivered will be required from every applicant before their second and third annual grant is approved.

Any other questions?

If you require further clarification or your question is not answered here please call the Trust on 06 304 9071 or email



Or alternatively, click here to download a PDF version, complete and return to us by mail or scanning and emailing to


You must provide:

  • Proof of Greytown residence.
  • Confirmation of course enrolment.
  • Proof of payment of course fees.
  • An encoded bank deposit slip or bank account verification details.


CHECK LIST:  Have you

  • Supplied proof of residence?
  • Supplied proof your course of study meets the Trust’s eligibility requirements?
  • Completed every section?
  • Provided full contact details?.
  • Provided an encoded bank deposit slip or bank account verification details?  (Provide for first time applications and if you change the account)?
  • Confirmed your course has NZQA certification?
  • Provided your confirmation of course enrolment form?
  • Supplied proof of payment of course fees for the current application?
  • Supplied evidence to verify the payback contribution you have made?