Greytown Trust Lands is changing the way it allocates funding to local sport, as it looks to make its money go further.

The Trust, which can trace its origins back to 1871, uses the rental income from its property portfolio to support the Greytown community by awarding grants to individuals and organisations.

Last year the Trust gave $293,000 back to the Greytown community, $104,000 was distributed to education funding, $66,000 to community initiatives and $123,000 to fund the support of sports and recreation activity.

It is now proposing to change the way it funds sport and is focusing on developing sporting opportunities for more members of the community, and increasing opportunities for sport and active recreation in the town.

It’s vision for the Greytown District is to promote a community that is encouraged and enabled across all ages to participate in and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. To help achieve this the Trust intends to focus on four priorities:

  1. Supporting the co-ordination of sport and active recreation enjoyed by Greytown residents
  2. Improving the capability of those involved in delivering and administering sport and active recreation
  3. Increasing opportunities for resident participation in sport and active recreation
  4. Collaborating with others in the provision of more and better sport and recreation facilities.

“The Trustees wish to ensure the focus of its funding remains relevant and delivers the best possible return in meeting the needs of the Greytown community,” explained Greytown Trust Lands Chairman Sid Kempton. “The way in which people participate in sport and active recreation is rapidly changing and in a more complex world, so we need to make sure we are addressing this in our funding decisions.”

Trustees are keen to receive feedback on the new proposals and are inviting members of the community to a consultation evening on Wednesday 12th September at 7pm at Greytown Town Hall.

Download a copy of the draft funding model here. For more information on this release, please contact: Catherine Rossiter-Stead | 0210471273.